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    The Cowboy Boot Making Process!

    O Processo de Fabricação de Botas de Cowboy!

    For most of us, cowboy boots represent more of a lifestyle than anything else. We imagine the lone ranger, traveling across the open plains, or the legendary John Wayne, always ready to rise up and defend the honor of others against nefarious criminals. We hear the iconic clang of spurs against leather and can see the saloon doors opening as a group of bandits arrive in town.

    Clearly, there's a certain level of nostalgia involved here, thanks in part to the popularity of the cowboy lifestyle that began in the 1930s and 1940s.

    And while the exact origin of cowboy boots is still debated today, it's important to note that several styles of cowboy boots are in fact modeled on European boots thanks to the influx of immigration during the 19th century. From here, shoemakers would create more affordable versions of the simple silhouette for regional farmworkers that would later become synonymous with the American cowboy. It goes without saying that the iconic silhouette of cowboy boots is still respected today. And if you find the right combination, some are even handmade.

    We've included several options in our picks for the best cowboy boots available;
    If you want to give an original and interesting touch to your look, Cowboy Boots are an excellent option. There are now several models of Western, Country and Cowboy boots, and you can find the ones that best match the look you want.

    In this article you will find several models of Cowboy boots for men and women, which adapt to both the city style and the country style.

    Cowboy Boots are inspired by the boots worn by cowboys, characterized by a rounded toe. It is a very versatile type of boot, which matches countless styles and clothes, and can be worn at any time.

    There are several alternatives for using this type of boots, which depend on the model chosen and your style. Our advice is to wear this type of boots with simpler clothes and accessories. Cowboy boots can be worn with pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. They are comfortable and elegant and are the preferred model for winter.

    Cowboy boots are produced using a Goodyear welted manufacturing system and a manual production system, which guarantees superior quality, resistance and exceptional comfort. Cowboy boots are known for their designs, embroidery and exclusive colors, offering great comfort to the foot, high resistance and durability.

    All leather used in production is treated in accordance with strict production standards, with qualified equipment and technicians. All these resources combined give rise to an internationally recognized product of excellent quality.

    Men's Exotic Cowboy Boots




    It is the shoe manufacturing process invented in England by Charles Goodyear Jr. in 1872.

    Charles Goodyear inventor of the Goodyear production system

    Boot experts argue that the unique “Goodyear Welted” manufacturing process remains the best method for achieving excellence in manufacturing quality cowboy boots.

    The Goodyear construction is characterized by the sewing (inner sole) of a leather strip (flip / welt) on the bulge (above the boot) and on the inner sole assembly, the flip is new sewn into the middle of the sole and/or outsole (dotted ).

    The space created between the inner sole assembly and the midsole/insole is filled with reinforcement in the plantar arch region (core) and a filling material (usually cork), which provides great comfort.

    The many manual operations and the use of top quality materials give this type of boots a superior, almost artisanal quality.

    The total process of manufacturing a pair of boots with the Goodyear system can require up to 250 steps, 92% of which are completely carried out by hand.

    The advantages obtained with this production are, among others:

    Comfort: the cavity that creates the seam between the inside of the sole and the flange is filled with flexible natural cork, which after a period of initial use of the shoe, “the foot print” is engraved on the cork.

    The inside of the sole and the lid adapt perfectly to the morphology of the user's foot, which guarantees maximum comfort.

    Insulation: The flexible cork padding inserted between the inside of the sole and the outside of the sole guarantees effective thermal insulation and protects the foot from irregularities in the ground.

    Flexibility: the rotating construction is very adaptable to all types of footwear, use and fashion.

    Resistance: thanks to the properties of Goodyear film, unparalleled resistance and durability are combined.

    This sewing method adds value to our boots and is the only seam recognized internationally.

    The first step towards manufacturing cowboy boots of quality, handmade, is to carefully select the leathers used in the manufacturing process. The most significant thing is that the materials go through a resistance and quality test, so that the highest quality leather is chosen, thus allowing great comfort and great durability.

    Today, handcrafted Cowboy Boots feature a device that helps with the precision of material cuts, offering more dynamism in their construction.

    One of these facilities that helps a lot in the process is those who individually cut the material for the boot shafts.

    As it is an engine computer, it first performs the calculations that allow better use of the material.

    After all this work to produce handmade cowboy boots, it's time for them to leave the factory and reach the consumer's home.

    Furthermore, most handmade pieces gain space in the fashion world. In fact, handmade pieces only have value with a wealth of details that machines often cannot produce.

    Handmade boots are an expression of the cultural roots of the place where they are produced, with a feeling and a history that add to the final result of the piece.

    Style and exclusivity are certainly the hallmarks of the fashion scale.

    The fact of being industrialized or not gives it a broader identity, personality and value.

    There may be two pairs of boots that are similar, but never the same.

    All of our models of Cowboy Boots for Men and Women are handmade and can last a long time.