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    The History and Manufacturing Process of Cowboy Boots, Texas Boots, Country Boots and Western Boots!

    A História e o Processo de Fabricação de Botas Cowboy, Botas Texanas, Botas Country e Botas Western!

    If you want to give an original and interesting touch to your look, cowboy boots, Texan boots, country boots and western boots are a great option. There are several models of western boots available today, you can find the ones that best match the look you want. In our Cowboy Boots Portugal you will find different models of cowboy boots, Texan boots, country boots and western boots for men and women, which adapt to both the city style and the country style.

    Cowboy boots, Texas boots, country boots and western boots for men and women are inspired by the boots worn by cowboys, characterized by a rounded toe. It is a very versatile type of boot, which matches countless styles and clothes, and can be worn at any time. There are several alternatives for using this type of boots, which will depend on the model chosen and your style. Our advice is to wear this type of boot with simpler clothes and accessories. To the Cowboy boots They can be worn with pants, shorts, skirts and dresses. They are comfortable and elegant, being the preferred model to wear in winter.

    Cowboy boots for men and women are produced using the Goodyear Welted manufacturing system, a manual manufacturing system that guarantees superior quality, resistance and exceptional comfort. Cowboy boots are known for their unique designs, embroidery and colors, offering great comfort to the foot, great resistance and durability. All skins used in manufacturing are leather processed in accordance with strict manufacturing standards, with qualified equipment and techniques. All these resources combined give rise to an internationally recognized product of excellent quality.

    One of our best-selling and women's favorite models is this:

    Boots model preferred by men:

    Cowboy boots, cowboy boots, country boots and western boots for men and women are produced using the Goodyear Welted manufacturing system, a manual manufacturing system, which guarantees superior quality, resistance and exceptional comfort. 

    This is the shoe manufacturing process invented in England by Charles Goodyear Jr. in 1872.

    Charles Goodyear inventor of the Goodyear production system

    Today, shoe experts say the proprietary "GoodYear" sewing process remains the best method for achieving excellence in making good cowboy boots.

    Goodyear construction is characterized by sewing (insole) a leather strip (flip / welt) to the cup (upper part of the shoe) and when assembling the insole, the flip is again sewn onto the midsole and/or sole (dotted) . The space created between the mounting insole and the midsole/sole is filled with reinforcement in the arch area (core) and padding material (usually cork), which provides comfort.

    The numerous manual operations and the use of quality raw materials give this type of footwear a superior, almost artisanal quality.

    The total process of making a pair of boots with the Goodyear system can take up to 250 steps, 92% of which are entirely handmade.

    The advantages obtained with this manufacturing are, among others:

    1. Comfort: The cavity that creates the seam between the insole and the sole is filled with flexible natural cork, which after an initial period of using the shoe, the “footprint” is engraved on the cork. The insole and cap adapt perfectly to the morphology of the user's foot, which guarantees maximum comfort.
    2. Insulation: This soft cork padding inserted between the insole and sole guarantees effective thermal insulation and protects the foot from irregularities in the ground.
    3. Flexibility: The rotating construction is very adaptable to all types of footwear, uses and fashion.
    4. Strength: Thanks to Goodyear's turning properties, unparalleled strength and durability are combined.

    This stitching method adds value to our boots and is the only internationally recognized stitching.

    The first step to producing quality cowboy boots for men and women is to carefully select the leathers used in the manufacturing process. The most important thing is that the materials go through a resistance and quality test, so that the highest quality leather is chosen, allowing excellent comfort and durability.

    Today at Handcrafted Cowboy Boots They have equipment that helps with the precision of cutting materials, providing more dynamism in their construction. One piece of equipment that helps a lot in the process is the one that individually cuts the material for the cowboy boot shaft.

    As it is a computerized machine, it performs calculations that allow better use of the raw material.

    After all this work to produce handcrafted cowboy boots, it's time for them to leave the factory and enter consumers' homes.

    More and more handcrafted pieces are gaining ground in the fashion world. This is because handcrafted pieces have a unique value with a wealth of details that machines often cannot produce.

    Handmade boots are an expression of the cultural roots of the place where they are produced, with feeling and history that add to the final result of the piece.

    Style and exclusivity are certainly the hallmarks of artisanal fashion.

    The fact that it is not industrialized gives it greater identity, personality and value.

    There may be a similar piece, but never the same.

    All of our models of cowboy boots, Texas boots, country boots and western boots for men and women are handmade and can last a long time.

    Try, dare and have fun with our Texas boots and Cowboy Boots!