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    At the Cowboy Boots Portugal online store, you can make payment via Bank Transfer, Visa Credit Card, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, and Collection.
    Transfer - After placing your order, choose the payment method by transfer, when completing your order you will receive an email with your IBAN, payment by bank transfer can be made through your Homebanking or through the ATM network. The order will be sent after payment confirmation. 
    Visa, Mastercard, American Express credit card and Apple Pay- After placing your order, choose the payment method by credit card, being necessary to provide the following details of your card: the card number, the expiration date, the three-digit security code (present on the back of the card and the name associated with the card. After communication and validation by the bank, the order will be processed. 
    Collection (Exclusive for Portugal) - Shipments can be made to any address in Portugal.